Casey DeLorme



Emphasize simplicity, automate repetitive tasks, write efficient well formatted code, and challenge todays best practices to forge tomorrows.


Languages: golang, javascript / node, python, bash, c, c++, php, perl, java, action script, objective c

Databases: postgresql, redis, mariadb / mysql, mongodb

Version Control: git, mercurial

Virtualization: xen, virtualbox, parallels, vmware, vagrant, packer, docker

Web and Proxy Servers: nginx, apache

Providers: AWS, DigitalOcean

File Sharing: samba, sshfs

Configuration Management: terraform, ansible, chef, puppet

Libraries and Frameworks: jquery, backbone.js, zendframework 2, symfony, fuelphp, laravel, python gtk+3, python telepathy glib, aws sdk

Operation Systems: Linux (debian, fedora, sugar, arch, ubuntu, mint, crunchbang, raspbian, centos) | Unix (OS X) | Windows (95 - 8.1)

Architecture, Programming Design, and Development Practices: scalable architecture, continuous integration, continuous deployment, server automation and configuration management, image baking, object oriented programming, design patterns, model view controller pattern, database normalization, database object relational model, nosql schema design, agile development, scrum, networking topology design, virtualization with iommu, optimizing virtual system kernels

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