Casey DeLorme


I am an avid gamer, and one of the games I enjoyed was ragnarok online.

The rathena project is an effort to provide an open-source implementation of the ragnarok online service, based on reverse engineering efforts with Aegis, the official server.

I enjoy that it runs on linux, but sadly there is no open-source renewal client solution yet so we can’t enjoy ragnarok on linux without WINE.

While experimenting with docker for work, I decided to try writing a Dockerfile that would generate a docker image that could run an entire rathena server.

Originally I had planned to use docker to create a distributed networked example, but because docker immutable state complicates runtime configuration I gave up.

In the future I may pursue docker-compose to orchestrate a distributed configuration to demonstrate multiple components of the rathena server in action.

written on 2017-04-13